Get Premium List Magnet (PLM) Lite for FREE

Great News!! You can now get Premium List Magnet for FREE. Now you can use this Premium list building WordPress plugin without spending a penny.

GET Premium List Magnet Lite Free

Welly Mulia has done it again. Weeks after releasing his latest WordPress List Building Plugin onto an eager market he has gone one further and has now produced a Lite version that you can download for free.

So if you were stuck-on-the fence before, now you have no excuse to not start building a list of followers.

This may be a Lite version but it hasn’t lost much of the functionality of the Premium version.

Hot OFF the Press – Download Premium List Magnet FREE

Premium List Magnet Lite features four different slide-in Optin forms and Ad placements.

  • Sliding Top Optin
  • Sliding Top Ad
  • Sliding Bottom Optin
  • Sliding Bottom Ad

It’s quick and easy to modify these Ads and Optins with your own graphics and link them to your favorite autoresponder software so that you can start getting subscribers today.

One of the Best List Building Plugins on the Market Today..

I bought my copy of Premium List Magnet when it was first released and couldn’t be happier with it. I am also an owner of PopUp Domination but I switched my campaigns as soon as I saw what Premium List Magnet could do.

I understand that not everyone is going to want to pay for some software without testing it first, but Welly has gone one further and decided to let you use this list building pluging for free FOREVER.

Premium List Magnet Lite at Zero Cost

There are a few other WP plugins available that can generate slide-in optin forms but you are normally limited to just one campaign with these low quality versions. Premium List Magnet Lite allows you to create multiple campaigns so that you can change the optins shown on different posts and pages.

So how do you get a copy of Premium List Magnet Lite?

Just click on the link below and in a few minutes you’ll be able to start transforming your websites and taking your online business to the next level. Get Premium List Magnet Lite Free.

Download Premium List Magnet Lite


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Premium List Magnet Review

You’ve probably heard all the hype about Premium List Magnet and how great it is at encouraging your visitors to subscribe to your mailing lists, how fantastic the lightboxes look, all the different Optin boxes it can generate and basically just how versatile it is. You may even have watched the video demonstration and seen it in action. I know I did and yes it does look impressive. In fact I went out and bought it the minute it was released.

Note: This is a Premium List Magnet review site. If you came here by accident and wanted the Official Site you can click below: 

Official Premium List Magnet Website

But if you are sitting on the fence, not sure if you really want to buy another WordPress Plugin, then let me show you a little of what it can do. I’m sure that they’ll be lots of Premium List Magnet Review sites popping up in the next few days telling you how great it is as well but I thought that seeing as I’ve already bought a copy that I would let you actually see it in action and let you know how it stands up to its competition.

Premium List Magnet Review

I’ve been a fan of Welly Mulia for some time now. It’s hard not to when he produces such great applications such as Profits Theme (think OptimizePress but more affordable) and Premium Squeeze Pages Templates, but that’s another story.  Premium List Magnet is not the only Optin form plugin for WordPress so first look at how it stacks up to the competition.

Premium List Magnet vs Popup Domination

I have been using Popup Domination for some time now, basically because it was the best plugin of it’s kind at the time. The Lightboxes looked great but sometimes I had issues getting it to run correctly and It doesn’t do social media linking yet (although I hear that it’s under development).

Don’t get me wrong, I still think that Popup Domination is a great piece of software but sometimes I just wanted it to do more. I’d seen some sites with great looking slide in ads but I needed to get another plugin to do that. It can be frustrating sometimes. You just want one program to do it all.

Strangely enough, I was in the middle of setting up another subscriber campaign when I first heard about Premium List Magnet. I watched the video demonstration and new instantly that this was the software that I needed and at almost half the price of Popup Domination it was a no brainer.

Premium List Magnet Connects to Facebook

While Popup Domination does have a lot of similar looking templates for the lightbox if you want one of the premium themes you’ll pay a lot extra for it. When it comes to the variation of optin forms available Premium List Magnet seems to have everything; lightboxes (popups), slide-ins (from all directions), exit splash and sidebar widgets. It’s even possible to put an optin directly into your posts or pages.

With Popup Domination you have the basic popup lightbox form, a text based exit splash and a separate sidebar widget. You are also limited to just one campaign for the whole website. Premium List Magnet on the other hand can run unlimited campaigns. Each page or post can have its own campaign associated with it.

Just to give you an idea of some of the functions available with Premium List Magnet I’ve created some demonstration pages. You can access them from the menu above or the link below.

Premium List Magnet Demonstration

Premium List Magnet Review: Features

There are plenty of features available so I’ll just go ahead and list them. For a full explanation I think the guys over at the Official Premium List Magnet Website can do a better job.

      • Unblockable Optins & Ads
      • email or “Facebook Connect” options
      • Blog Sidebar Optin
      • FULL Schedule Control (How often the Optin appears)
      • Delayed Popups & Sliders (Can set a delay before the forms appear)
      • Instantly Insert A Squeeze Page Right Within Your Facebook Pages
      • Create DIFFERENT Optins/Ads On DIFFERENT Posts/Pages
      • Monetizes Exit Traffic
      • Wide Variety Of Stunning Templates
      • Works On Non-WordPress Sites Too (So long as you have at least one  Wordpress campaign to create the campaigns)
      • Use Video/Custom Image In Your Popups
      • Allows Blog Commentators to Join Your List Easily

Premium List Magnet Review: Conclusion

If you are on the lookout for a great Optin form generator then I can’t see you doing better than Premium List Magnet. It really does have all bases covered and if you manage to get it at the incredibly low price of $27 then it shouldn’t be something that you need to think too hard about. You’ll be kicking yourself if it suddenly ends up at $97 in a few months time.

The decision is now yours. Take a look at the demonstrations above and read my Premium List Magnet Review again then take the plunge.


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How to Boost your Optin Conversion Rate with Premium List Magnet

Premium List Magnet Boosts Optin Conversion Rate

If you would like to boost your optin list conversion rate then Premium List Magnet may be the tool for you.

Most bloggers and marketers know that having an opt-in form in the sidebar is not the most efficient use of real estate. Most readers will ignore it completely and most likely confuse it with the other banners and adverts.

If you really want somebodys attention then you need to use a lightbox popup. Lightboxes are opt-in forms that appear, like magic, when somebody loads your web page. They are shown center screen so that they cannot be ignored and at the same time the background is faded out so that all focus is brought to bear on the optin form itself.

Viewers are forced to take action if they want to reach your site and if you present them with an invaluable offer then the chances are that they will sign up to your marketing list.

Some blogger have increased their optin list dramatically by using onscreen lightboxes. They are attention grabbing and you can include your own designer graphics for your special offers. There is no refuting that they work on your visitors but for best results your offer needs to be related to your website.

You may find that your present autoresponder already offers the option of lightboxes but in most cases they are simple, clumsy and you don’t allow you much control over their design.

Premium List Magnet is set to become the leader of the pack. No other plugin offers the depth of control and options as it. It either a  text, graphical or video lightbox than can be positioned around your screen. If you don’t want to use a lightbox then it can also generate ‘Slide-Ins’, Exit Splash and even Facebook Squeeze Pages, all with total control over position color and when you want them to appear.

If you have an offer that you want to promote and just want to send your visitor to another page without the opt-in then this is also possible. There is even the option to use ‘connect to facebook’ if you prefer it to the optin. This is a very versatile piece of software and at such a low price it will pay for itself in no time.

If you are interested in hearing the most frequently asked questions then you can read more over at Premium List Magnet FAQ.

If you’re after email marketing tips then use Premium List Magnet to explode your Opt-in Conversion Rates and then follow up with a targeted email marketing campaign.

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Premium List Magnet Debut

Premium List Magnet

Premium List Magnet is making its big debut today. If you are someone that manages any sort of internet site that runs on a self hosted version of WordPress, whether it be a personal blog, product website, mini-sire or squeeze page then creating a mailing list of your readers or customers should be one of your main priorities. Everybody seems to be building lists now-a-days. Buy something at your local shop and they ask you for your details.

They do this because they know that if they can stay in contact with you then you are more likely to buy from them again. If they have your home address then they can mail you the latest catalog, special offer or coupons. For online businesses it’s even easier because you can build a list through your website or blog and then use direct email marketing to keep them updated with your latest blog posts, reports and offers. Premium List Magnet is a optin list plugin for WordPress that  simplifies the whole process of building your subscriber lists.

Premium List Magnet Optin Forms

If you’ve built email lists before then you’ll know that it takes a bit of effort to set them up and install some sort of code or list building software on your blog. It takes time and in the end you end up with a small form in your sidebar asking for people to subscribe and it seems that everyone is ignoring it. If this sounds like you then Premium List Magnet could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

A common problem with optin forms is that your visitors become blind to them. Most are displayed in the right sidebar out of the focus of the visitor. The majority of your visitors probably read from left to right or scan, as is normally the case. Unless there is something really interesting on that sidebar that stands out and grabs a persons attention then they are not going to give it a second glance. With premium list magnet you can create attention grabbing optin forms in  mintes.

As a result most subscriber lists have a terrible conversion rate.

Years ago someone invented pop-ups and suddenly conversion rates for list building sky rocketed. Now most browser block popup windows as they are seen as being SPAMMY and marketers were back to putting their optin forms in the sidebar again. Sales were down and marketers were unhappy. Now premium list magnet is here to put you back on top again.

Premium List Magnet Lightboxes

Eventually Lightboxes became popular. They aren’t blocked by browsers and they look great. They magically appear center screen and grab your readers attention. They are forced to take action either to subscribe to your list or to cancel the lightbox. Suddenly it was a new way to boost conversion rates again by hundreds of percent. Premium List Magnet takes lightboxes to a new level, allowing you to create not just text but also video and graphical optins in minutes.

To a newcomer the thought of building an email address list may appear a little daunting. But this shouldn’t be the case. With optin software like Premium List Magnet you can be building beautiful subscriber forms in minutes and starting to build your email address list.

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